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How to Reduce Your Risk of Generating False Alarms from Your Security System

Around 98% of all panic security alarms that are triggered are actually false alarms. The majority of these activation stem from door and window contact alarms, and conventional motion sensors.

The biggest issue is with commercial properties, warehouses and other businesses, which experience around 3 times higher false alarm triggers than residential systems. This is partly because of the volume of people who need access, from cleaners, repairmen, security, employees and more, causing alarms to be accidentally triggered more frequently.

Owners of these businesses and properties need to take responsibility for their security systems, and understand the issue of triggering a false alarm, both from placing an unnecessary drain on limited police resources, and because
of the penalties involved.

The implementation of fines for false alarms is one of many methods police have put in place to mitigate false alarms, but unfortunately many commercial system are old-school (outdated and unverified). The best way to reduce your risk of triggering a false alarm is by using a Multiplex Systems Limited Verified Alarm system.

Unlike conventional alarms, verified, customized audio and video security solutions, are monitored by operators, so they can hear and see what is actually happening in your business, in real-time, as soon as the criminal activity starts whether breaking a fence, door, or window. We’ve even caught criminals coming in through the roof!

When the alarm is triggered in our monitoring station, Multiplex Systems security specialists will confirm the source of the alarm before calling the authorities.

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